Frostharte Kakteen in der Kultur


Toumeya papyracantha
Pediocactus paradinei
Ec. triglochidiatus
Navajoa peeblesiana
Ec. caespitosus

Im Südwesten der USA und im angrenzenden Norden Mexikos wachsen viele Kakteen unterschiedlicher Gattungen, die unter bestimmten Bedingungen bei uns in Deutschland geschützt im Freiland kultiviert werden können. Auch in Südamerika wachsen einige Arten unter Bedingungen, die eine geschützte Freilandkultur möglich erscheinen lassen.

Auf diesen Seiten sind einige der Erfahrungen zusammengestellt, die ich mit den Nachzuchten dieser Pflanzen im Norden Deutschlands gemacht habe.


Liebe Kakteenfreunde,

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Erscheinungsweise 2 x jährlich im April und November.

Die Herstellung erfolgt in Eigenleistung am PC, Farblaserdruck, durchgehend farbige Abbildungen.

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Neuerscheinung Juni 2006

Das erste Kakteenbüchlein für Kinder ist verfügbar!

In Zusammenarbeit österreichischer und deutscher Kakteenfreunde ist

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Maintaining a Garden of Cacti

Cacti have become a very famous option for gardens nowadays. With its fascinating spines and patterns and its ability to withstand the hot weather, you’ll definitely love them too. Though it’s easier to maintain them, it does not mean that you shouldn’t attend to these plants at all. You might be thinking that watering cacti once a week is all they need, then you are mistaken. Here are the best ways to maintain your cactus garden:


First, your cacti need moisture. They only need to be watered when the soil is dry. That means you have to observe how many days moisture in the soil lasts and create a schedule. A water meter will help you determine if your soil has already dried up. Don’t directly assume that watering them once a week is enough. Unwatered cacti tend to shrivel. They wrinkle and contract due to the loss of moisture.

At Your Lawn

Cacti can be planted anywhere, whether in a pot or on your lawn. Just be mindful of weeds that might restrict your cacti’s growth. A great way to address those unwanted weeds is by using a zero turn mower with good reviews. It perfectly does the job of cutting weeds during your mowing time. It also makes your mowing experience pleasurable.

In Your Pots

Cacti can also be planted in a pot, but you have to choose the correct size of pot for specific types of cacti. You need a pot that is just large enough to fit your plant. Usually, you need to make the holes on it for proper water drainage. You should also need to mix clay, loam, and garden soil with humus or pumice to create a good drainage system.

During the Cold Climate

Selecting a cactus for the cold climate is easy. You need to choose cold-hardy cacti. The best for this kind of weather are prickly pears or Opuntia. During winter, your cactus needs all the sun it can possibly get. Watering needs to be light. You only need to dampen the roots slightly to keep it from shriveling.

Cacti are flowering plants. They need all the love and care you can give for them to mature and bear the flower you’re dying to see.

BBQ Party for Cactus Lovers in Freudenberg

The Frostharte Kakteen will be holding its first ever Backyard BBQ themed cactus meetup in the Horti Cultus nursery in Freudenberg, Germany. This meetup will be held this coming November, 2017.

Attendees will surely learn a lot from the forums that will be held during the party. Topics range from “Care Tips from Professional Cactus-Gardeners”, “How to Treat your Cactus in Winter”, to “All You Need To Know About Cactus Hybridization”. There will be a one-hour free talk after every forum.

Care Tips from Professional Cactus-Gardeners

This will be held in the morning at 10. This will teach you the basics: from planting your own cactus in a pot to caring your garden of cacti. This will also inform you the dos and don’ts when you are beginning your cactus rearing experience.

How to Treat your Cactus in Winter

This will be the first forum in the afternoon. This will prepare you for the upcoming cold season. You will learn more about the specific breeds of cacti intended for winter and how to prevent them from shriveling and frosting. You will also know how often to water your cacti and the quantity of water that they need during this season.

All You Need To Know About Cactus Hybridization

This will be the main event and the last forum in the afternoon. With this, you will be introduced to the different hybrids of cacti and specific species that can go well together. Listen to the success and failures of hybrid growers and know more about the different techniques to grow your own hybrid cacti.

Q&A sessions will be held every after the forum. Invite your friends and family members who are also interested in growing cacti. There will be a very good propane BBQ smoker to cook a sumptuous food. There will only be limited slots, so contact Andreas Gräfe now. Call or email him through to reserve your slot.

Why Choose a Cactus?

Have you ever wondered why social media platforms had been filled with photos of cacti? From Pinterest and Facebook to Instagram, cacti shots are now becoming post-worthy. Why do you think they have become famous? Cacti do more than having pointy spines and cool patterns.  Here are the reasons why you should have them:

It adds life to your room

Adding a plant in your room gives it life. It gives your room a lively character. It will also let you appreciate nature even if you are just inside your room.

It saves your lungs

The Royal College of Physicians found out that there are 99,000 deaths every year in Europe due to indoor air pollution. This is caused by inhaling harmful kitchen and cleaning products accumulated in the confines of your room. NASA scientists found out that adding plants create a balanced indoor ecosystem. Plants like cacti absorb the carbon dioxide that you exhale, and they emit oxygen that we basically need to live.

It relaxes your eyes

The importance of our eyesight can’t be overemphasized. But in today’s world, we are full of devices that can permanently damage it. The blue light or the artificial light that’s emitted by televisions, phones, and computer screens can cause a great stress to our eyes. One way to avoid eyesight problems is adding a plant in your living space. Looking at the color green helps our eyes relax. The best way to relax after hours of watching TV and scrolling through your phone is to put your cactus on the coffee table next to your recliner with excellent reviews.

It keeps you attentive and productive

There are many advantages of having a cactus in your living space. The increase in your attention span is one of them. Amanda Read of the Royal College of Agriculture in England found out that students were more attentive in lecture rooms with plants. Not only that, the Texas A&M University found out that workers in a room with plants and flowers generated more ideas.